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As an affiliated company of Neo Tokyo, Gan-Shin Records was founded in 2003 in response to the increasing demand for Japanese Music in Europe and to bring popular Japanese artists , in cooperation with Twisted Talent, to Europe for extraordinary live shows.

The tremendous success all over Europe caused the founding of another label in 2006:

Okami Records accommodates Japanese artists less related to Visual-Kei. 

With the Korean-Wave and especially the love for K-Pop hitting Europe, our label structure got completed with the founding of K✫Records in 2013. 

Together Gan-Shin, Okami & K✫Records have released more than 600 records and singles all over Europe, with multiple chart entries. Until today, Gan-Shin & Okami Records  have been involved in planning and organizing more than 500 concerts of Asian artists in Europe and South America.


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