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We have to concede that it took us quite some time to "be back". Some of you may have noticed that our old website was not updated anymore at some point - and we assume it is fine to say, it did not

fulfill its purpose to inform and delight you anymore...Well, that's exactly the reason why we have designed a new homepage! Again, we have to confess that there may be smaller incidents in the very beginning, but we are looking forward to being back and sharing all our great news with you!

Of course we will also be present on Facebook, Twitter and co. but don't you think with the vast information on social media it's just easier to check the website when you have some spare time? ;)

As always, you can get the links to our releases on our website or if you'd rather look around a bit, you can check iTunes, amazon and co! We will also inform you guys regarding new physical releases, concerts and all the extras we are recently in the middle of planning!

So stay tuned and keep checking or HP, Facebook or Twitter and help us share all the great music (be it J-Rock, K-Pop, J-Pop or VK!) all over the world and give all those great artists the recognition they most likely deserve!

To a "new start" !

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