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DIR EN GREY Tour- Video Comments -

Ladies and Gentlemen;

as you all are likely to have noticed over the last weeks, J-Metal-Legends DIR EN GREY are finally returning to the European stages!

It took them three years, but finally they'll be back to face their waiting fans -

and with them comes a new album as well!

A lot to be looking forward to, indeed - and as it's still some time until the album and tour happens,

the band has decided to delight fans with video comments for each show of the tour.

Have a look and stay tuned for a new video coming up each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, until July 30st!

Let's start !


October 6th - St. Petersburg - Russia - Shinya


October 7th - Moscow - Russia - Shinya


October 10th - Helsinki - Finland - Kaoru


October 12th - Warsaw - Poland - Kyo


October 14th - Paris - France - Toshiya


October 16th - London - UK - Kaoru

October 18th -Munich -Germany - Die

October 19th - Cologne - Germany - Kyo

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