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Why I like Madmans Esprit (and why I am sure that you guys will too)

Introduction by Gan-Shin Records:

As mentioned earlier (and more than once probably) we think that ,while us introducing new bands and artists to you, has an impact, it is always amazing to be introduced to an artist through an actual fan. Who could talk about the love to the music better than someone who's already in love?

That's the reason, why this time we asked a fan of Madmans Esprit to write about the project and if you haven't been in love up to know, you will very likely be after reading this!


What can I say about Mandmans Esprit that won’t make me sound like a total fan girl. I discovered Madmans Esprit by chance while looking through my newsfeed on Facebook. Someone had posted to a Visual Kei group an interview done by Madmans Esprit, in other words an interview with 叫號( Kyuho). I will admit, at first I was taken in by his asthetic beauty. But there was also a sadness in his eyes and a calmness in his speaking voice that was almost innocent and charismatic . I had to know more about Madmans Esprit. Come to find out HE was Madmans Esprit. As I listened to his music I realized there was real talent here. His voice has power and depth. From dark growls to an operatic-like sound that is almost angelic. I was impressed that he sings in 4 different languages as well. He is an amazing guitarist and musician. I’m the kind of person that thinks the harder the music the better. Well, Madmans Esprit definitely delivers. I really do not want to make comparisons with other bands, but post black metal definitely gives a new listener an idea of what to expect from this band. On top of all that he writes, records, mixes and edits his own music. His talents are endless. His composition of each song is so beautiful and unique. I can honestly say that I have not heard one single bad song from Madmans Esprit. With dark, gloomy, angry and depressive undertones, it is not hard to understand the sadness behind his eyes. For me it was a breath of fresh air. And I think many can relate. Enough of the sugar coated, everyone is happy all the time type of music. We live in a world where it isn’t rainbows and sunshine everyday. I feel with Madmans Esprit’s music, it’s ok to talk about all the injustices in the world. To embrace the demons within each of us. Talk about what angers us or causes us anxiety. Depressive sucidal blackend pop is I think a perfect description of Madmans Esprit music. I for one have found it liberating.

by Debra Kurenai


For those of you who haven't checked out Madmans Esprit up to now, no excuses - here you are with one of his many brilliant videos!

Also, please remember that on October 1st we will be releasing his second full-album worldwide! For all those who cannot wait - you can get a glimpse on it over his YouTube account!

Make sure to follow Kyuho and send him loads of support and love !

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