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18if: Do you want to dream or would you rather stay awake?

As today the last episode before the big finale is going to be released, we wanted to take our time to talk about 18if for a bit!

The hit-anime 18if has cast its spell over people from all over the world. With a storyline surrounding dreams, magic and witches one might have thought that this anime was supposed to delight children and magic lovers a like - but the reality is far from it!

18if has not been designed for children and its not all love, magic and butterflies either!

With the main character fighting witches - and more than once saving them from themselves - the anime quite often takes a dark turn to a world in which witches who do not want to live in their reality anymore, have created a new reality and a new person, to hide behind.

For whatever reason they are there, it is not as easy to escape the dream world as it seems.

And then, of course, one question remains - why is main character Haruto even there? Why would he be lost in a dream from which it seems that he can not escape - or does he even want to? Is it his purpose to safe the witches? Or is it maybe he who needs to be saved?

All those answers are likely to be answered after the last episode has been aired - which is in the very end of September!

Sadly that also means, that there will not be any more great endings for this anime....

Viewers will have noticed that each episode had another ending sung and composed by a variety of amazing artists!

No need to be sad yet though - we still have two episodes to go; and it will be great ones - that's for sure!

And of course you can get the opening and each ending on several platforms such as iTunes and amazon.

Also! We would like to let you know that we will release the opening and all endings on October 4th!

Do you maybe even have a favourite ending?! We'll tell you ours - Y. loves ending 8 - Sora no Oto sung with the angelic voice of Ryu Miho!

How about you?! - And to all those who have not watched it yet - watch this video and let yourself be drawn into the dark and still not-so-dark dreams of this young boy!

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